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From Kekoo Gandhy’s “Villa Vienna” to Shahrukh Khan (SRK) `s “MANNAT” a posh mansion, it`s the world of the rich and famous.

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We are for the most part acquainted with what it resembles to be at home – yet what might it be to want to live in the abodes of celebs? It’s simply stunning awesome..!!

The previous home of Kekoo Gandhy, the house goes back to 1915. It is in a similar neighborhood as Bollywood Entertainer’s Salman Khan and Rekha. The house is an area that is simply not a spot of property, it’s a fabulous spot visited by a great many individuals consistently. In addition to this, the customary look at the home and the Entertainer entrances each one visiting the glamorous paradise.

The celebs from Hollywood and Bollywood world are the ones who claim extravagant stuff living amazing life owning properties, having personal jets and hold up a min they even possess private islands… Isn’t that to an extreme?

This Bollywood A-lister SRK owns a piece of The World Islands, located off the coast of Dubai. The Mean star recently revealed plans to design one of the islands in the man-made archipelago. That’s our round-up of celebrities who own property in Dubai. 

Shahrukh Khan is a name known to Arabs and ex-pats the same. The praised entertainer stars in Dubai’s honor winning #BeMyGuest battle planned to advance the travel industry in the UAE. It is nothing unexpected then that he himself ought to be one of the most realized famous person to claim the property in Dubai.  SRK has an excellent 6-room chateau in Palm Jumeirah and frequently flies down to Dubai for an escape with his family.

Out-of-the-way from his palatial authority address Mannat a Luxurious Manor that he possesses in Bandra, the genius has a few property ventures India and abroad. Shahrukh Khan has as of late purchased a loft in Focal London`s elegant park lane region worth of walloping £ 20 million. He is just a single Bollywood on-screen character who paid the most noteworthy capital for a property abroad. He likewise claims a Luxurious manor in Palm Jumeirah (The synthetic Island off the bank of Dubai) which worth Rs 17.84 crore.

Mannat a Luxurious Manor — the practically incredible version of a quintessential royal residence, is encompassed with fans from everywhere throughout the nation, just to get a short-lived look at the country’s heartthrob, none other than Shahrukh Khan (SRK).

Situated in Lands End, Bandstand with an amazing perspective on the ocean, the dynamite residence is one of the greatest celebs of the nation is in each piece extravagant as one could envision it to be. Not exclusively is the Luxurious manor the most looked for after ‘dream home’ in India, it positions tenth in the rundown of top houses on the planet. Whoa!

The average size of a home in the countryside is 494 sq.ft, which implies 103 sq.ft per person. For a metropolitan area, it is 504 sq. ft., which is 117 sq. ft. per person. If we analyze, incredibly 225 people can inhabit in Mannat a Luxurious Manor alone! Talk about frustrated homeless dwellers.

Mannat a Luxurious Manor is the greatest asset of Shahrukh Khan (SRK) considered the legacy home that he paid off Bai Khorshed Bhanu Sanjana Trust in 2001. What’s more, that is the point at which he began building his sprawling Luxurious manor which has since been transformed into a six-celebrated structure that is on the vacationer`s guide of Mumbai and is visited by travelers and fans in enormous numbers.

Historically – Initially Mannat a Luxurious Manor was known as Villa Vienna, which was incorporated with a chateau in greatness. The Bollywood ruler purchased this Cottage for 13.32 crore from Kekoo Gandhy. The ruler needed to convince the proprietor relentlessly lastly figured out how to split the arrangement for the above-said sum, which presently gauges to an astounding 200 cr. Kekoo Gandhy was a Parsi.

He was a skilled worker. He claimed a display also too. Mr. Gandhy likewise claimed the contiguous structure called “Kekee Manzil”, wherein his watchman remained. Gandhy’s gatekeeper moved to Mumbai at the influence of Gandhy’s maternal Granddad Mackenji Batliwala. His mother Roshan, who was Batliwala’s oldest girl, remained in Villa Vienna.

Situated on Bandstand, it ignores the Bedouin Ocean and houses SRK’s office, completely prepared with Gym, a parlor territory for story sittings, a tremendous kitchen, a living zone that reaches out more than two stories, a full floor of den for his children, a library, a private bar and a diversion focus and a sprawling pool. The insides have a lift framework and the two front rooms in Mannat a Luxurious Manor, they are done up with neo-traditional components and objects of craftsmanship gathered from around the globe.

He even has a gigantic assortment of MF Hussain artworks that enhance the dividers of his home. In the event that you’ve at any point seen the photos of his home, you will understand that it’s a house, yet an estate without a doubt. Mannat a Luxurious Manor is one of the priciest properties as the entertainer claims.

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